What is zinc ointment used for?

What is zinc ointment used for?

Drug action

Woman applying ointment on cheekThe ointment, often used to treat acne, contains zinc oxide, which is the main active ingredient. It is completely harmless to the body - the only exception is the increased sensitivity of the skin to zinc, which occurs in about one in 10-15 thousand people.

The preparation always contains excipients, information about which contains the instruction. This should also be taken into account in order to avoid unwanted allergic reactions. The most common are paraffin, lanolin or mineral oil. In addition, salicylic-zinc ointment and a type of medicinal product containing chloramphenicol are produced for the treatment of infectious diseases.

The instruction indicates that the main effect of zinc ointment is a drying one, due to which it should be used for skin diseases with exudate (for example, pus or serous fluid).

In addition, it had previously been used to treat herpes on lips and other parts of the body, since it was believed that zinc-based ointment was able to fight viruses. However, recent studies have shown that this ointment is absent, although it still has some positive effect in the treatment of infections and acne in its pure form. Also, the drug causes the denaturation of proteins and albumin, which contributes to the accelerated healing of damage to the skin.

Zinc ointment in a tubeZinc ointment is hardly the achievement of modern medicine. About the dermatological use of products containing zinc, it is known from the archaeological finds left after the civilization of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians, forced to work under the scorching sun, often rubbed their bodies with vegetable oils - this helped avoid burns on the skin, and also prevented the development of various diseases, including skin cancer. And at that time, preparations with zinc were used not only for the treatment of acne and herpes on the lips - some experts believe that it was thanks to oils and ointments based on zinc that Cleopatra and other noble women of Egypt acquired their exceptional beauty.

Application in pure form

InstructionIt contains information that zinc ointment can be used to treat irritations of various kinds, for example, prickly heat, or redness caused by rubbing too close clothes. Indications for its use also include pressure sores, wet ulcers and other dermatological problems resulting from them.

Girl smears herpes on the lipIf you do not take into account salicylic-zinc ointment and drugs with other potent excipients, the drug can be used even for the treatment of children older than 1 month. In this case, it’s not about removing herpes on the lips, but about preventing dermatitis caused by wearing diapers.

In addition, the instruction allows the use of ointment for protection from the sun. If you have been to a well-equipped beach, guarded by lifeguards, you probably have seen that people of this profession always rub their face and shoulders with a white composition - this is zinc ointment. Of course, salicylic-zinc ointment or a preparation containing chloramphenicol will not be suitable for this purpose, in this case a medicine containing paraffin or lanolin is necessary.

There are indications for the use of high-quality zinc ointment in children younger than 6 months - for them it is the only sunscreen.

Apply zinc ointment can not only get rid of acne, but also for the treatment of more serious diseases, which is hemorrhoids. The instruction allows you to apply it to the external part of the anus in order to reduce the intensity of unpleasant sensations, as well as accelerate the healing of cracks. However, it is not necessary to inject the drug into the rectum or use salicylic-zinc ointment instead of the pure form, as this is fraught with toxic damage to the body and local burns. The tool is based on zinc is one of the few non-prescription drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Ointment with additional ingredients.

Indications for the use of ointments also include the appearance of acne on a person’s face or purulent rashes on other areas of the body. However, in such cases it is better to use salicylic-zinc ointment, which contributes to the disinfection of the skin and the removal of exudate, which is a good nutrient medium for the reproduction of bacteria. In addition, the drying effect is useful in the treatment of herpes on the lips. Of course, the substance used is not able to cure a viral disease, but creates favorable conditions for the body to fight it.

Jar of salicylic zinc pasteSalicylic-zinc ointment, which is also often referred to as Lassar's paste by the name of its inventor, is the primary means for first aid when new acne appears. Indications for its use include the urgent elimination of facial redness, as well as a decrease in the volume of inflamed tissue. If we talk about the appearance of herpes on the lips, then salicylic-zinc ointment allows you to localize the affected area, that is, to stop its growth.

The instructions also indicate that in severe cases of acne (that is, the appearance of acne and blackheads), it is worthwhile to use drugs containing antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol and erythromycin. If salicylic zinc ointment to get rid of acne is released without a prescription, then to buy a drug with an antibiotic you should get the recommendation of a professional dermatologist. In some cases, when acne is caused by a general infectious lesion of the body, chloramphenicol may be prescribed in other dosage forms.

If the cause of acne is in an unbalanced supply of the body with certain substances, then salicylic-zinc ointment can be supplemented with vitamin therapy and diets.

It should be remembered that the treatment of herpes on the lips is not carried out with the help of preparations containing zinc. It is also useless to use chloramphenicol because it can fight bacterial, not viral, skin lesions. Indications for eliminating herpes on the lips and other parts of the body include only adjuvant therapy.

Terms of use

The procedure for using the ointment is quite simple, which can not be said about the accompanying procedures and preparation. Its use requires to abandon most of the decorative cosmetics - in particular, when treating herpes on the lips it is forbidden to use lipstick, and when eliminating acne - blush, tonal creams and other things. But no one prohibits the use of mascara for eyelashes, as well as other means that do not limit the access of oxygen to the skin.

Using zinc ointment for the treatment of herpes, you need to follow a fairly strict diet. The reason for this is the accelerated absorption of zinc through the lips, as well as a high probability of ointment entering the digestive system. In particular, it is necessary to observe the following restrictions:

  1. Girl eats dietary vegetable saladUse a strictly defined amount of products containing zinc - do not lean on seafood, sprouted grains and meat;
  2. Some people, when using zinc ointment, continue to use products containing copper, which cannot be done under any circumstances, since it blocks the absorption of zinc. It is necessary to abandon potatoes, liver, fresh berries, prunes, as well as beer;
  3. For the above reasons, it is better to abandon the vitamin-mineral complexes. If the body needs support, it is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe a harmless drug.

Using salicylic-zinc ointment or a preparation containing chloramphenicol or erythromycin, it is necessary to observe a sparing diet, and also to take auxiliary means preventing the development of dysbacteriosis. Regardless of which particular drug is used, it should be used until the problem is completely eliminated. In addition, it is worth following all the rules throughout the treatment - for example, if you begin to actively use cosmetics at the first relief, all achieved results will be lost.

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  • What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for?

    What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for? What is zinc ointment used for?