Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

Maria Soboleva

Want to gain weight? Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

Here is a paradox - someone has a tiny donut and is put off by extra pounds, while the other is eating from the belly and slim, like a cypress, or simply thin, you can say skinny, and eager to get better. Is it possible to gain weight so people need to do? Are there any other methods besides enhanced nutrition - the answers and helpful tips in this article.

Causes of underweight

So you are determined to get better. Thin women want to add roundness to their forms, and angular men - the volume of the muscles.


Are you not afraid of difficulties? After all, gaining weight is not an easy task. It may take a lot of time, effort and patience. And the increase is likely to not be particularly noticeable.


Thinness in the absence of disease is more a psychological problem. You just do not like your own appearance and it seems - the cherished few kilograms will save the situation.


But in general, according to many doctors, thin people have better health and are more likely to live a long life.


Before you begin to gain weight, eliminate one of the reasons for being thin.


Reason number 1. Diseases

Often, weight loss is associated with hormonal disorders. The impaired hormone production by the thyroid gland affects the metabolic rate, causing weight to fluctuate.

More reasons for weight loss:

  • adrenal gland diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • violation of the patency of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • anorexia nervosa;
  • depressed.

Often these diseases are accompanied by loss of appetite. This symptom should alert and force refer to the doctor. It makes no sense to try to gain weight, if its loss is associated with a disease.


Reason number 2. Bad habits


Do you know this fact - smoking speeds up metabolism?

Reference: metabolism (metabolism) - a set of chemical reactions in the body that support its vital activity.


In addition to harm to health, smokers are often also a great risk to lose weight.

Painful thinness is also characteristic of drug addicts.

Busting tea and coffee (containing caffeine) also contributes to weight loss.

Reason number 3. The Constitution of man

Body weight is programmed genetically. Thinness is laid in you by mother nature, you cannot get anywhere - it will be very difficult to recover.

You have an asthenic type of body build, which means that it’s really hard work to gain weight for you. In lean astenikov increased metabolic rate. Fat mass is not enough, and the muscles are weak.

How to be so slender? Opinions of experts vary. Some argue: with the right approach, it is realistic to recover, simply the process will be long and stubborn, and the result will be modest. Others are sure: to deviate from the genetically laid norm is a useless exercise. Anyway, hardly gained kilograms will quickly leave.


Reason number 4. Physical activity


Strong physical exertion — intense athletic training or hard work — often leads to weight loss. By the way, in addition to the loss of fat and muscle tissue, the body also loses moisture. It contributes to weight loss, but dehydration is extremely harmful.

How to be? Optimize the load and eat well.


Reason number 5. Stress

You know because the truism - all diseases of the nerves. Troubles at home and at work, conflict situations, diseases of loved ones, difficult life situations cause nervous tension and stress. Because of this, a person can lose weight dramatically - stress hormones actively burn fat.
Determine the body mass index
Are you too skinny or do you think so? Assess yourself objectively very difficult.

There is such an indicator of BMI (body mass index), which will help to understand whether the problem is contrived or real.

It is calculated as follows: BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m)2.


Weight in kilograms divided by your height squared. For example: with a growth of 1.7 m and a weight of 65 kg, the BMI will be 22.5. This indicator fits the norm recommended by the World Health Organization - from 18 to 24.9.

Smaller numbers are already talking about the lack of weight, and the index of 16 and below - there is a dangerous pronounced mass deficit. It is necessary to get better, but only under the supervision of doctors, because obviously we are talking about serious health problems.


It turns out that the task to gain weight in each case is very individual. Someone is vital, and some are important from an aesthetic point of view.
What you need to do to get better

We decided that they themselves can only gain weight by people who are completely healthy. In principle, ideally, they should also turn to professionals. A nutritionist would select the optimal weight gain program specifically for each person. Understanding that this option is not available to everyone, we will figure out how to get better on our own.

Sleep and rest

Does gaining weight? Definitely - yes. And here's why: a good restful sleep, ideally an 8-hour, relieves stress (and we remember losing weight from it), improves your mood, improves your appetite. During sleep, the growth hormone somatropin is produced, which helps build muscle.

On weekends, allow yourself an afternoon afternoon nap, just lie down, relaxing, for half an hour or an hour. After lunch at work, too, try to quietly sit for a while. During the working day, relaxing 10-15 minute breaks are useful.

Improve sleep help evening walks.


Sports activities

We remember - excessive exercise provokes weight loss, on the contrary, properly dosed sports activities help to increase body weight.


Note - experts recommend gaining weight, adding both fat and muscle mass.This ensures a normal metabolism.


Muscle development is promoted by physical exercises, and they are needed by both men and women, but in varying degrees.
Optimally, of course, deal with a personal trainer according to an individual program. But ... In general, we cope ourselves.

You need to load all muscle groups, a great way - swimming, tennis. Suitable exercises with weights. Complexes on the development of muscles a lot. The goal was to train regularly - pick the right one, it’s easy to find them on the Internet or in special literature.


Nutrition wanting to get better

We have come to the most interesting part - after all, most of us are sure: it is proper nutrition that will help to gain the coveted kilos.


Consider first the recommendations of most professionals who assure us - will have to eat hard and more calorie. But we will find out the alternative opinion.


Calorie refers to the measuring unit of energy contained in food and used by our body.

You consume more calories than you spend - the excess is stored by the body and weight is added. How many people need these same calories depends on gender, age, activity and physical exertion.On average: 1600–2400 for women and 2400–3000 for men.

To get better, you need to increase your calorie intake by 500–1000 per day. But remember: more important is not in itself the number of calories, but where they are contained. Food should be healthy! You can, of course, gobble up the cake and add about 500 units, but it's probably more useful to get them yourself, after having lunch with a slice of turkey with a rice garnish.


So, overeat buns, pies, cakes and chocolates is not worth it. Calorie? Yes, but our goal is to get better, not to earn diabetes, caries and indigestion. Kilograms will add, eating healthy foods.

Here is a list of what saturates the body with essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins:

  • Eggs - tasty, high in calories, source of protein, vitamins A, D, E, folic acid.
  • Fatty fish varieties: salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna contain the protein we need, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids help the heart to work.
  • Shrimp - high-calorie seafood, rich in protein and amino acids.
  • Cheese - valuable high protein and fat, calcium, calorie.
  • Milk, sour cream, yogurt - eat daily, we get vitamins, protein, calcium.
  • Butter: eat and creamy and vegetable - olive, sunflower, peanut, corn.
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods: pasta, oatmeal, cereals, baked goods, legumes, brown rice, vegetables.

And still mandatory in the diet: fruits, juices, nuts and seeds, dried fruits.

Gain weight and try with nutritious cocktails.


There is such a popular recipe: in a glass of dark beer, stir 2-3 tablespoons of fat sour cream, salt and drink.


Another high-calorie drink: mix a glass of milk, a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of honey, add a couple of ice cubes.

In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is good to have snacks during breaks. Suitable almonds, peanuts, dried fruits. Do not forget about fruits - bananas, peaches, melons, grapes. You can well afford ice cream or cake between the main meals.

Such a rich diet to get better, recommended by many nutritionists.


But there is an alternative point of view. Its followers criticize frequent and high-calorie meals, giving their reasonable reasons.

First, if you saturate the body with food all day,when will she have enough time to digest? Secondly, from such food is the load on the pancreas, liver, and our internal organs - not the conveyor for the processing of product flow (how to clean the intestines, read here).


There is no more, but better - this is the motto of this method..

Those who wish to increase adipose tissue (ladies, of course) will help carbohydrates. And the development of muscles contribute to amino acids derived from protein products: eggs, milk, meat, fish. Men should focus on them.


Enzymes that help the absorption of food, supply vegetables and fruits. They are in the diet gaining weight are required.
In general, the menu, the purpose of which is to get better, is simply the envy of losing weight. Is it possible to compare the assortment and quantity of the products needed in these cases?


Regarding special means: anabolic steroids, gainers, protein supplements. Do not think that they are your lifeline. Such things are used by athletes with strong physical exertion and under the control of specialists.


Achieve the result of proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Let's try not to harm ourselves, in pursuit of the desired kilograms, not to turn into a machine that absorbs all new portions of food.It is better to be thin, but healthy than well-fed, but sick.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos

    Want to gain weight Learn the secrets of gaining the coveted kilos