Unusual use of old CDs

Unusual use of old CDs

Hot Stand

From old and completely forgotten disks you can create a cup stand with a hot drink with your own hands. After all, surely many times you were upset by the stains from a hot cup that you or your family left on the furniture. Want to prevent this? Then you can use discs, cardboard and cloth.

Glass on the cup holderCut a thick cardboard circle to close the existing hole and stick it on the disc. Then make a circle from the fabric to the size of the disk and also glue it to the cardboard. Next is the flight of your imagination. It may be just a small side decoration, so as not to interfere with putting a cup. Or maybe you're a lover of ladybirds? Then make a stand in the form of these cute bugs. And everything, the product is ready. Let it pleases you and surprises your friends.

Stand for pens

If you are tired of the fact that pens, pencils and felt-tip pens lie all over the apartment, and it’s difficult to find them at the right time, then make a pencil case.You can create it from a disk and a cylinder of any size with almost bare hands. All you need is glue and scissors.

First cut the cylinder (for example, from a used yoghurt bottle), attach it to the disk with glue. Then you can decorate the case at its discretion. Paint it with felt-tip pens or paints, glue beads, sequins or other decorations. At the end, let the product dry, and now you can proudly admire your creative achievements.

Napkin holder

Blue napkin holderAnother useful thing in the household is a napkin holder, which is easy to create from three old disks. To do this, two of them will need to be cut a little (about a third) and attached with glue at right angles to the third (it will stand as a stand).

On the basis of the created now you can attach a variety of decor. They can be small sea pebbles or shells, colored glass, beads, pearls and other decorations. You can create several coasters in different styles to surprise guests with their skills and creativity.


A beautiful interior decoration will be a mobile attached to a ceiling or a window.Especially amazingly, it will look in the rays of the sun, which will make the color glare jump from the surface of the disk to the walls, ceiling and floor.

To create this miracle, you will need several old discs and colored or shiny durable threads. Tie several disks together vertically. It will be very nice if you decide to donate your disks of different sizes. You can make several such "garlands" and then attach them all to one wire, with a curved arc. Now you can hang it in the right place and turn the mobile around its axis with your hands to admire the color highlights.

This construction will look even more interesting if instead of threads a thin chain is used, or a string with beads strung on it. The latter option will add more color to your gray days.

Original watch from an old CDHuman imagination knows no bounds, and many craftsmen have adapted rolling discs under the dial for watches. Make it simple enough. In the central hole is placed a mechanism with arrows, which is attached to the disk on the reverse side. The dial itself can be left as it is (mirror), or you can decorate it at your discretion with pictures, magazine clippings, embroidery, beads or appliqué.Follow your thoughts and feelings to create a real masterpiece with your own hands.

For the back side, you can make a stand of cardboard or other material so that the watch is firmly on a flat surface. Or you can make a mount to hang them on the wall. The watches created from several old disks connected together look very original.

Screen or curtain

Curtain of color CDSupplement your day with the sun bouncing off the surface of the disks, making its way into your room, make a curtain or a screen with your own hands. For this you need a lot of disks. The more screen you need, the more disks you need. To create such a product on your own, you also need a tool for holes and metal rings of small diameter.

Make 4 holes in each disc at an equal distance. Now thread each ring into each ring and connect it to another disk, where you have already made a hole. Laying out the discs in a square, you can create a screen that you can proudly hang in the sunniest room.


If your discs have long lost their shine and are even scratched in several places, do not be discouraged. Even such “spoiled” material can be adapted for business.For example, create a rainbow mosaic of disk pieces. It will be problematic to break it with your hands, so it is better to use scissors. Depending on the intended purpose, crumble one or more disks into small or large. And now with the help of these fragments you can decorate any thing not only in the interior, but also in the wardrobe.

It looks very interesting, for example, a pot for a pot, on which a large or small mosaic is laid out with the help of such pieces and glue. Standing on the window and catching sun bunnies, he will surely attract your attention, cause a smile.

Fans of bright dresses love their old disks to decorate clothes, shoes and bags. It is also easy to do. You just need to grind the required number of disks and using special glue to attach the fragments to a piece of clothing. The collars and sleeves of the blouse, socks and heels of the shoes decorated in this way, the outer side of the clutch look interesting. You can use this decor anywhere, the main thing is not to limit your imagination.

Christmas toys

New Year's toys, which are easy to make from disks, are very colorful and interesting.The easiest option is to glue both sides of the drive with a variety of glitter, beads, paper products, cardboard or plasticine. The main thing in the toy is the brightness, which should convey the atmosphere of the holiday.

Another option is a mosaic ball. To do this, take a simple ball of any size (preferably medium or large) onto which pieces of a pre-shredded disk are attached with glue. Put the pieces of the mosaic very neatly with tweezers, let the toy dry, attach the thread and hang it on the Christmas tree. Make a few of these balls to feel the onset of the holiday.

Funny crafts with children

With the help of the disks you can decorate the children's room. Especially valuable will be the crafts that the kid will make with his own hands with a little of your help.

Mom is engaged in creativity with childrenFree up some time in your schedule to spend it on an interesting activity with children. Look in advance on the Internet options for toys and crafts that you plan to create with your kids. Be sure to estimate if it will be difficult for them to cope with this task. After all, you do not want to disappoint your kids? If possible, try to cope with it yourself, then to be an experienced mentor for children.

Prepare a place and everything you need for crafts - and more. Do not require children to do everything exactly as in the picture. Your task is to develop creative thinking and originality in children. Let them choose the color, texture, decor and more. Even if some things seem wild to you, you shouldn’t talk about it to a child. So you can completely kill the desire to create in it.

And more advice - do not do everything for the child. Yes, this is your joint work, but also children's creativity, development. A child can quietly lay everything on your shoulders (arms), and then assign all the merits to yourself. Do not allow this. One has only to see how the kid admires his handicrafts in order to also begin to be proud of his own little genius.

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  • Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs Unusual use of old CDs