Smooth skin: myth or reality

Smooth skin: myth or reality?

Where does this problem come from?

This question has been asked by many people who are dissatisfied with their skin. Although the size of our pores is laid genetically, this does not mean that large pores should become problematic.

Woman examines herself in the mirrorThere are several reasons for the deterioration of the situation:

  • excessive secretion of sebum, which clogs the pores and leads to the problem of "black spots";
  • frequent exposure to sunlight;
  • skin aging.

If the balance of fats in the body can be adjusted with the help of proper nutrition or drugs (for diseases of internal organs), then there's nothing you can do about aging. But even if the problem cannot be eliminated, it is possible to mask or narrow the pores.

How to fight?

Daily care

Girl with red nail polish washesYou need to wash your face every day - in the morning and in the evening, but not more often. To do this, it is better to use pure warm water from the filter or boiled.Also get yourself a face-only towel.

Use the cream if the skin tends to wilt or lacks moisture.And do not forget to remove makeup with a special tool suitable for your skin type.


No matter how much you want to cope with the pores without restrictions on food, just using the cream, this will not work. Although this is only one of the main causes of excess sebum.

To make your skin glow, buy whole-grain bread, fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Drink plenty of water, not sweet or caffeine drinks. Avoid milk and dairy products, as they can aggravate acne.

Fruit and Vitamin PillsEat a lot of vitamins A, C and group B. Vitamin C will help remove scars and reduce wrinkles, vitamin A has a similar effect.

Oranges help to form collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and reduces pores. Mandarins have the same properties.

Periodically clean the pores

This can be done in different ways, at home or in the cabin. Cleaning the pores can be:

  • in skin peeling;
  • in applying a special adsorbent cosmetic product (for example, a mask of white clay, which absorbs fat well);
  • alpha and beta hydroxy acid;
  • aroma baths;
  • plasters and wipes from the black dots.

Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are chemical agents that weaken the binding properties of lipids that keep dead cells on the surface of the skin. They are available only by prescription, so you will need to visit a cosmetologist or a dermatologist before applying. Use them every four to six weeks - more frequent use may be irritation or burn.

Peeling has a very positive effect on the skin. For a problem with excess sebum, you need to pick up special scrubs that not only peel off dead particles, but also dissolve excess fat.

Do not use scrubs too often. After it, always use a moisturizer.

Steam baths

Aroma baths - a procedure at home, which not only cleanses the skin, but also has a beneficial effect on the psychological state. Stock up a couple of jars of essential oils:

  • Girl makes steam bath to narrow poreslavender will suit sensitive skin and relieve tension after a hard day;
  • chamomile or lemon - for fat, plus cheer up;
  • Tea tree oil is the most versatile, but you can choose the right composition according to the table of properties of essential oils.

Be careful, this procedure is not suitable for skin with rosacea or inflamed!

Usually the recipe for aromabath is written in the instructions for use, but the approximate proportions are 3-5 drops per liter of water. The oil must first be dissolved in salt. The duration of the procedure is 5-7 minutes. Repeated procedure: with skin prone to fat - once a week, with normal and sensitive - once or twice a month.

After the bath, apply a moisturizer. An oil mask is also suitable. Do not forget to clean your skin from makeup and dirt before using any of the products listed above.

Face masks

If you want to know how to reduce pores on the face, then the mask is one of the most important phases. Here are some narrowing recipes for home use.


Soak a towel in the juice of pineapple or lemon and place it on your face for 1 minute. Then wash the skin with water at a pleasant temperature. Lemon and pineapple juices contain natural enzymes that cleanse and smooth the epidermis.

For sensitive skin, apply a moisturizer in advance, because such a mask can overdry it.


Yogurt mask on the face of the girlNatural yogurts contain lactic acid and prebiotics that keep harmful bacteria that cause acne at a distance, and this reduces the size of the pores.

It is necessary to put a little yogurt on the face and leave for 5-10 minutes for the mask to show its properties. Over 10 minutes can cause skin irritation. Use it no more than once a week.


Take 2 tbsp / l. honey and as much lemon juice with a pinch of turmeric. The mask is washed off with cold water after 10 minutes. With regular use, this mixture works well.

This makes the spots less visible, but can also lighten your skin tone and make you more sensitive to the sun, which is why you have to apply sunscreen when you go outside.


Dark-haired woman applies a piece of ice to her faceIf you want to know how to narrow the pores on the face quickly, but only for a short time, make yourself cryotherapy at home. Hold the ice cubes for 15 to 30 minutes on the skin, it will tighten it.

You can freeze yourself infusions of suitable herbs (meaning separation by skin type) - then you will get not only a narrowing agent, but also a benefit.

Medicines and professional procedures

Your dermatologist or cosmetologist may recommend medications for external use, and in the form of tablets that can eliminate your acne within a few weeks.

Among the salon procedures that not only cleanse, but also smooth the skin:

  1. Cosmetic procedure for the face in the salonDermabrasion. The top layer of the skin is cleaned, the epidermis, a device with a very thin diamond tip or a wire brush that smoothes the skin. Good for induced acne.
  2. Microdermabrasion. The device for it has a smaller size than with dermabrasion. The mild exfoliating agent erases the epidermis and levels the pores, and also stimulates the production of collagen.
  3. Dermaplaning. Also similar to dermoobrazii, except that the epidermis is not removed by scraping. Alignment occurs with oscillations in several directions.

Your dermatologist can also inject cortisone into the pores to reduce swelling. But it is considered as a last resort if your skin does not respond to other types of treatment.

Masking pores

Sometimes it is just necessary that the pores are not visible. To do this, there are special cosmetics that at home, like a mask, are not made:

  1. Applying foundation cream with a brushCreams. Find a moisturizer that quickly narrows the pores, you can almost any cosmetic brand. Usually they also have UV filters.
  2. Primer or makeup base, designed specifically for those who have a problem with even skin. There are also some types of bases designed to be applied to an already finished make-up, and not after applying the cream.
  3. Concealer. Work with him carefully and in small quantities, because a thick layer of concealer works the other way around and emphasizes all the flaws.

General tips and warnings

Make sure your hands are clean before starting care at home. The products that you use should not be spoiled, otherwise a mask or cream can lead to the exact opposite result.

Always remember, acne cannot be crushed. Your hands contain a lot of sebum that clogs the pores.

Do not use all recipes at the same time. One mask did not fit - use another. If you treat a person too much, his condition may worsen.

If one of these methods causes pain or discomfort, discontinue use. Through pain, your body gives you a sign that you must stop.

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  • Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality

    Smooth skin: myth or reality