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Kenya hockey team wants to get to the Winter Olympic Games

February 6, 2018

Strange as it may sound, but in hot Kenya there is also a hockey team. Athletes train in Nairobi on the only East Africa rink. So far, hockey players do not succeed, but they train hard and are full of ambitions to get to the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing.

Extreme competition in the UK

February 6, 2018

February 4 in the British city of Perton passed extreme competitions "tough Guy Mudathon". Brave people had to overcome a 12-kilometer route with more than 250 obstacles, they had to go through fire, water, dirt, barbed wire and much more. Similar competitions are held since 1987, all proceeds go to charity.

2018 FIFA World Cup

February 4, 2018

In less than six months, Russia will host the largest football event of the fourth anniversary - the World Championship. Millions of fans of this sport from all over the world will come to watch the football extravaganza. Though not for all this is a joyful event and some dreamed that this should not happen - it will still be. Now, we will make out ...

Ovechkin's strongest throw

January 30, 2018

Alexander Ovechkin struck at a speed of 101.3 miles per hour (163.03 km per hour), winning the competition for the strongest throw. Ah, Ah. that no one except him threw the puck faster than 100 miles per hour ...

The best pole vaulter who can't jump

January 28, 2018

The history of sports competitions knows many cases of fraud. One of them occurred at the 1904 Olympic Games in the USA. The pole vault competition was unexpectedly won by the Japanese Savao Funi, who demonstrated a more than strange "technique". Instead of jumping like everyone else, he calmly walked over to the bar, stuck the pole deep ...

Insane Ice Cross Downhill

January 25, 2018

Let's talk about an unusual sport. Imagine that you are flying through a winding ice chute with a speed of 80 km / h ... The Ice Cross Downhill competition is a downhill skating on an ice chute with turns and jumps. 1. Red Bull Crashed Ice - an international downhill skating competition on an ice chute ...

2018 Dakar Rally: desert race

January 22, 2018

The race in the desert is an activity for real extremes. Starting January 6 in Lima, the capital of Peru, teams from around the world began their two-week off-road adventure in Argentina, Peru and Bolivia as part of the annual Dakar 2018 rally. By the way, the Russian team became the 15-time winner of the famous truck rally. Go! 1. Solemn ...

Soviet bodybuilding: the history of forbidden sports

January 22, 2018

The history of bodybuilding in the Soviet Union turned out to be thorny: it remains only to admire the legends of Soviet bodybuilding, which, despite all the bans and condemnations of the authorities, continued to engage in self-development, and then passed on invaluable experience to followers. Bodybuilding in the USSR was perceived as a Western trend. The Soviet authorities believed that there was no need for a person to intentionally swing muscles and admire ...

The brutal world of extreme wrestling

January 16, 2018

For two years, photographer Mark McAndrew has shot one of the bloodiest sports - the wrestling bouts of death called shocking in their cruelty. Wrestlers use each other's bats and luminescent lamps, throw their rivals on the barbed wire or fall with them from the ring onto the glass or into the fire ...

KAMAZ - master of sands

January 12, 2018

Right now in South America the most extreme contest of the planet is taking place - the Dakar-2018 rally marathon, in which the KAMAZ-master team takes part. The network has an impressive video made during the sixth stage of the rally, which shows how our KAMAZ overtook a passenger car traveling at a speed of 208 kilometers per hour. KAMAZ overtakes rivals ...

The greatest football standoff. Argentina - England.

January 3, 2018

Profanity !!! Few people in Russia know about the great football standoff Argentina - England. Friends, believe me. Millwall vs Westham, Lazio vs Roma, PSG vs Olympic, Spartak vs CSKA, Zenit vs Dynamo - this is a childish game of rat between individual fans of individual clubs. Enmity at the international level, such as Canada vs. the USSR in hockey, ...

Ancient Kushti wrestling in modern India

December 14, 2017

In India, the traditional Kushti wrestling is still popular in some states, similar to the usual free-style wrestling with throws and grabs. Young athletes train every morning and evening, because for many poor families, struggle is a glimmer of hope.Prospective wrestlers can earn good money, are respected in the community and they are often taken ...

"Sports Tsushima"

December 13, 2017

By the way, the 1912 Olympiad in Stockholm can be considered Russian only because this is the first Olympiad where the official Russian team competed. No, 8 people made their way to the London Olympics four years earlier for their money, and even brought back one gold and two silver medals (not bad, I will say the result) ....

30 best extreme photos of 2017 from Red Bull

December 12, 2017

The world famous company Red Bull has long been associated not only with the energy drink. For many years she has popularized adventure and extreme sports. Every year, talented athletes and photographers proudly participate in competitions from this brand. The other day, the Red Bull team decided to take stock of photo reports on their events and presented the best ...

Disqualification for ... professionalism

December 12, 2017

While everyone is discussing the doping scandal in the Olympic movement and subsequent disqualifications, it is worth remembering about the man who was first deprived of the champion title.In 1913, the greatest athlete of the twentieth century, the national American hero Jim Thorpe, was selected gold medals, which were returned 30 years after his death. For the performance of Jim Thorpe ...

Disqualification for ... professionalism

December 11, 2017

While everyone is discussing the doping scandal in the Olympic movement and subsequent disqualifications, it is worth remembering about the man who was first deprived of the champion title. In 1913, the greatest athlete of the twentieth century, the national American hero Jim Thorpe, was selected gold medals, which were returned 30 years after his death. Behind Jim's performance ...

Yesterday, chess changed forever. Perhaps not only chess, but the whole world.

December 7, 2017

The level of a chess player is fairly objectively measured by the Elo rating. The maximum result among people belongs to Magnus Carlsen. His rating reached an astronomical value - 2889.2 points. This is a lot. The international master is 2400-2499 points. And the rating of the strongest computer program Stockfish - more than 3300. Between it and man is space. So, the artificial intelligence AlphaZero defeated ...

Who else performed at the Olympics under the neutral flag

December 6, 2017

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee decided that the Russian team, which had stained itself by massive anti-doping rule violations, would not participate in the Olympic Games in Pkhenchkhane. Our athletes are invited to perform in Korea under a neutral flag (Olympic rings on a white background). With him, they will defile at the opening and closing ceremonies, and when awarding gold medals ...

Kovalev - Shabransky for the WBO title

November 27, 2017

Sergey returned from discouraging defeats from Ward. Vyacheslav Shabransky, a Ukrainian professional, became a “step”. The battle lasted two incomplete rounds and ended the TKO in favor of Sergey. Kovalyov confirmed his intention to return and continue his career, he needed a successful and bright fight. Which, in fact, presented to the public athlete. Kovalev went to a fight physically ...

Unknown tragedy

November 20, 2017

Many people know about the mass crush in the Luzhniki Stadium, where during the match “Spartak” - “Haarlem” after the end of the game, tens of people died. A month later, a drama occurred at the other end of the country, which occurred after the ball hockey match in Khabarovsk, about which many sports fans in Russia are not known at all. Exactly 35 years ago, 20 ...

Translation difficulties

November 20, 2017

Photo: Peru national football team celebrated its entrance to the final part of the World Cup by publishing a postcard with an inscription in Russian. The photo shows the players of the national team against the background of St. Basil's Cathedral. The postcard was signed with the words “Ya casi en Rusia, carajo”, which literally translates from Spanish as “Already almost in Russia, fuck” ....

The greatest martial arts masters

November 12, 2017

The people who contributed to the development and distribution of various types of martial arts - a great many. This article is an attempt to introduce you to the greatest, most famous and best martial arts masters of the 20th century. 10. Kharlampiev Anatoly. Sambo Anatoly Arkadievich Kharlampiev - one of the founders of the Sambo fight. From 6 years old he performed under the dome ...

Mohammed Ali vs Chuck Wapner, March 24, 1975, USA

November 7, 2017

“The Real Rocky Balboa” - Chuck Wapner sends Mohammed Ali in a knockdown and turning to the coach he says: “Let's go to the bank. We are millionaires! ”-“ Son, you'd better turn around. He stood up and seemed fucking angry with you. "" For a long time, Chuck could not achieve either success or wealth. After one of the battles to him ...

NBA Champion Rings

November 7, 2017

In the American sports leagues, the concepts of "gold medals", "silver medals", and similar European nonsense are not particularly familiar. They appreciate only the achievements of the winner - the loser in the finals does not get anything. But the winners are not awarded with medals, but prizes, which, if desired, can always be worn on themselves - the rings of champions. They always…

A little known fact about cricket

October 29, 2017

The shield protecting the genitalia was first used in 1874, but the helmet was first used only in 1974. It took the men 100 years to realize that the brain is important too.

October 8, 1986, Garry Kasparov in a match with Anatoly Karpov defended the title of world chess champion

October 8, 2017

The rematch for the World Chess Championship took place from July 28 to October 9, 1986 in London (concert hall of the Lon-Pine hotel, 1st to 12th games) and Leningrad (concert hall of the Leningrad hotel, 13-24 games). It was the first world championship match between two Soviet chess players, which took place (partially) not in the USSR. Before that, all ...

Brazil national football team after the qualifying match at the World Cup 2018

October 7, 2017

An interesting life hack is applied by the Bolivian national football team, playing matches at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level, at the stadium Hernando Siles.Brazilian players are forced to return to normal with oxygen masks. The game was a draw - 0: 0. photo source shtml

Sports photos of Michael Phillip Bader

September 14, 2017

Michael Philipp Bader is a talented photographer, director and artist from Munich who currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Michael received a degree in photography and design at FH Dortmund in 2012. Bader specializes in portrait painting, he takes portrait photos, fashion, advertising and ...

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2017

September 6, 2017

On September 1, the 15th Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) started in Chamonix. This is a mountain ultramarathon with numerous crossings at high altitude (> 2500 m) and in difficult weather conditions (night, wind, cold, rain or snow). The marathon runs around the Mont Blanc mountain range in the Alps and covers the territory of France, Switzerland and Italy. 2300 participants will ...

Beach volleyball gestures: what the fingers say behind the back

September 5, 2017

It is probably interesting to many what the strange gestures that beach volleyball players show behind their backs indicate. 1 Since this is a doubles game, then, accordingly, the left hand designates the opponent on the left, and the right hand - on the right.The space between the hands can either denote anything, or denote the center of the site - as partners agree.

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