How to choose a suitable toilet

How to choose a suitable toilet?

How to choose a suitable toilet?

Arrangement bathroom is always accompanied by the acquisition of a toilet. This is an indispensable element that should be comfortable, stylish and not cause trouble in the form of splashes, unpleasant smell or bad drain. But how to choose a toilet to take into account all the parameters? To do this, it is necessary to understand the abundance of forms and offers from leading sanitary ware salons.

Concept and types

What type of toilet to chooseA toilet bowl is a sanitary fixture designed to enable a person to defecate and send fecal matter to the sewer. For this, the devices are equipped with a flush system and a comfortable seat mat.

In literal translation from Latin, unitas means "unity."

Many people are thinking about which toilet is better to choose, because all devices differ in design and other factors. However, all units have some common, standard features:

  1. Bowl.
    It has a specific cast construction and includes the cup itself, which passes into the siphon and the outlet.Each element has its own functions. The bowl is designed to wash away feces. Siphon is a protective mechanism that prevents the ingress of odors and gases from the sewage system into the house (using a water plug). The nozzle serves as an element for the release of waste liquid and faeces into the sewer system. This element can be floor or suspended.
  2. Cistern.
    This is a reservoir in which the fluid is stored, designed to drain the faeces and clean the bowl. Usually its capacity is about 6 liters.
  3. Stool (seat).
    It can have a different shape and is complemented by a lid for a more comfortable seat and to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor after using the toilet bowl.

These elements are inherent in all designs. However, those who are still considering how to choose a toilet, it is worth knowing about the classification of products. Depending on the method of placement, there are 2 types of products:

  • suspended - are placed without touching the floor, and the tank in such structures is hidden in the wall;
  • floor have a support on floorboards;
  • with installation - without reference to the wall or communications.

The latter, in turn, are further subdivided into several types, depending on the fixation of the tank:

  • compact toilet bowls (with built-in cistern);
  • with hinged capacity adjacent to the bowl with a pipe;
  • with a hidden cistern - it is mounted into the wall, and you can find out about its presence by a flush button (more typical of a suspended structure);
  • with a direct drain from the water supply.

Also, floor structures are divided into 3 more types, depending on the characteristics of the placement:

  • detached;
  • with a full connection to the wall;
  • Turkish (bowl of Genoa).

According to reviews, the type of installation of this element of hygiene is of particular importance. After all, it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible at home.

Which drain is best to choose?

Depending on the type of drain there are such groups of devices:

  • with horizontal - typical for our state, when the sewage runs parallel to the wall;
  • with vertical - more typical for the United States with the lack of binding of sewer pipes to the geometry of the walls and floor;
  • with inclined or siphon discharge (also by analogy with the USA).

Depending on the location of the eyeliner, water to the tank is distinguished by another 3 types of toilet bowls (regardless of whether it is suspended or floor standing): from the bottom, side or back.

There are also products with additional coating properties (glaze):

  • antibacterial - have silver plating;
  • anti-mud - with a water-repellent layer.
Also, toilet bowls (suspended or floor mounted - it does not matter) can be equipped with additional features: heated seats, automatic drainage, odor elimination, sound effects, anti-splash function and much more.

However, there are a number of requirements established for the installation of these benefits of civilization:

  • installation height - 40 cm;
  • maximum permissible load - 200 kg - 800 kg (wall-hung toilet is no exception);
  • the amount of flushable liquid (6 - 8 l, but there are also products with 3 l in the tank);
  • Drain quality - each product passes a series of checks and tests with paper and feces dummies to determine their quality.

As you can see, there are a lot of varieties of mandatory equipment for bathrooms. However, it is up to you to decide which toilet to buy: simple, suspended or with an installation - only for you!

Installation: Features and Benefits

Toilet with installation which one is better to chooseThis kind of know-how, which has become an effective solution to problems with space in the bathrooms. Many are faced with the fact that the arrangement of the bathroom can not ergonomically place all the items, as the toilet is located incorrectly.But there is a solution! It is enough to make installation of plumbing with installation.

This term implies a mounting system that allows the installation of plumbing at any point in the bathroom, without regard to the type of walls. In this case, all communications will be located behind the false wall, and in the visible part of the room there will be only a neatly organized space with everything necessary.

Arrangement of systems with installation gives a reasonable savings, because you get high-quality communications that fit organically into any design and with a long warranty (10 years). Will also please the cost of such devices, because together you save.

What to focus on when choosing a toilet

Sanitary technicians and experienced installers of this equipment recommend taking into account a number of parameters before choosing a toilet in the store. Among the significant factors worth noting:

  • price segment;
  • the shape and height of the toilet seat;
  • type and material of construction;
  • method and features of the drain.

Each criterion has its own characteristics and specific points that are worth knowing in advance.

Price segment- It is a mechanism for dividing products into classes. The value is not the type of construction (suspended or floor), but the quality and cost of the materials used and the availability of additional features.

There are 3 types of devices:

  1. Which toilet to choose, price segmentsBudget or economy class.
    These are standard toilet bowls without excesses and excess functions. They may have different drainage systems, but they are made from the most economical materials. These include domestic brands and some manufacturers from China. To choose the right toilet, it is enough to decide on the type of drain and installation method.
  2. Medium price segment.
    These are products from Poland, Finland, Czech Republic. They are distinguished by more expensive raw materials and the presence of various additional elements. So, often these toilets have a protective coating that simplifies cleaning and care for them. Warranty for similar products is longer. The type of construction can also vary: floor, suspended or installation.
  3. Elite plumbing.
    These are products that came to the store from Italy, Germany, Austria. They are distinguished by high quality and an abundance of various pleasant bonuses.In addition to the protective coating, there is an additional protection from odors, the ability to save water and much more. The cost of such plumbing is high and depends on the number of additional functions. Therefore, in order to make the choice correctly and not to overpay, it is worth deciding in advance on what you need and what not.
As you can see, not only the level of expenses from the family budget, but also the quality and durability of plumbing depends on the pricing policy.

The shape and height of the seat- These are parameters that can increase comfort for all family members. Today, in salons offer 3 types of bowls:

  • funnel-shaped - the discharge is carried out at a small angle, and the hole for it is located almost in the center of the bowl;
  • disc - has a round shape and a plane on which feces initially fall, which makes these products more difficult to clean and with an increased risk of splashes when washing;
  • visor - the drain hole is bred forward, but the visor is missing, which reduces the risk of a splash.
Accordingly, if you are thinking about how to choose a toilet without splashing, you should give preference to products with a funnel-shaped and canopy bowl shape.

To choose the right height of the toilet, it is necessary to focus on the growth of the lowest family member. It is important that he was comfortable.

Which toilet to choose reviewsAlso, do not forget that during the act of defecation it is important to have full support on the feet and that the kneecaps be slightly higher than the level of the anus. This facilitates the passage of fecal masses and serves as an excellent prevention of hemorrhoids. Therefore, you should not buy too high toilets - it is anatomically incorrect.

Type and material of constructionalso matter. Most of the budget models are made from faience - it is durable, but over time it loses aesthetic appeal. Therefore, more expensive toilet bowls are made of porcelain, natural stone, glass and even plastic. The service life of such products is up to 50 years. Therefore, it is more correct to choose materials that will ultimately last longer.

Type of construction should be selected, focusing on your needs and wishes. After all, both the floor and wall-hung toilet have similar performance characteristics, including maximum permissible loads.

Method and features of the drainalso important. Standardly, there is a direct and circular supply of water to eliminate feces and clean the toilet bowl. Of course, the latter is considered more efficient and economical.However, this method has one drawback: over time, the holes for the liquid can become clogged with lime and salt deposits, which requires additional cleaning and more thorough care.

Knowing these criteria and some design features of toilet bowls, you can easily make the right choice, avoiding overpayments.

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  • How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

    How to choose a suitable toilet

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