Grace or what laws change our mood

Grace or what laws change our mood

An ordinary blinkered person lives according to the laws of the inner life unknown to anyone (and to himself) and does not even know that there is a completely different spiritual life. This person does not even suggest its existence, he thinks that spiritual life is an abstract concept that relates to workers of literature and art, and ordinary people need to think about their daily bread, how to feed their children and grow up to be “normal” also soulless, people. And it turns out that any person will easily find in himself his own spiritual world. This is a well-known good or bad mood.

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What is the reason for the change in mood?

Everyone wants the mood to be good, but for some reason it spoils so quickly, on occasion and without any reason, that the cases when a person is in a good mood in relation to cases of poor mood are disproportionately different.

Basically they say: the mood is normal, and this is already good. A good mood is rarely like the sun on an overcast day, and more often than not it lasts a long time. A bad mood can persist for several days in a row, or even months, for particularly embittered individuals.

So really, a person does not want to know the laws, according to which his mood changes and what does it depend on? These laws are called the laws of spiritual life, and believe me, they are the same as the laws of physics or chemistry, that is, they really are the laws and rules by which you can live and navigate, as the driver orients on signs on the road.

You will perform some actions - in the end you will get a bad mood, other actions - a good mood can not be avoided! The only difficulty is that, like on the road, a person does not know the rules, does not understand the meaning of road markings, does not know how to feel and the car is in motion as a whole.

Control your mood

Start to closely monitor your mood from the very beginning of the day and note all the emotional changes of mood, state of mind, and analyze what led to this and why. This will be your first experience of spiritual life.At least you will find out that not only art workers have a spiritual life ...

Cups with mood

You have a great mood. And suddenly you remembered something, pondered - and everything, the mood clouded right in front of you. Yes, in the eyes, in the spiritual eyes, or as they are also called "inner eyes."

The rules of spiritual life are such rules of behavior that will not allow those thoughts that spoil your mood, and therefore your mood will spoil less often. That is why spiritually developed people are rarely in a bad mood, as we usually are.

The mood should really be good, not “normal”, because a normal mood is not good, but rather a half-bad one, which you can still tolerate in order not to explode.

As a matter of fact, learning how to manage your mood is the same as learning how to manage your thoughts, drive away bad ones, and it’s better not to allow them to appear in your head at all. That is the whole law of the spiritual life!

Turn down your pride and life will be easier!

Now try not to be angry at anyone, not to blame anyone for your mistakes, not to envy anyone and most importantly,consider yourself as nobody, that is, a person who is not worthy of any position in society, no glory and respect, consider yourself the worst person of all who is around you.

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You probably will not immediately understand this simple Christian truth, but after thinking a little you will see how immediately you will be happy only that you stop thinking of a good person who has a good car and good work and a good suit.

You really are the worst person, and therefore if you were offended by your inattention by employees, then it should be so, why should you be upset? And imagine now, if you were noticed and offered cookies for tea, from which it used to be cold before you?

Now, no, it's different: you, the poor and not worthy of attention, noticed. What a joy, what good people around you, thank them for such attention!

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It turns out that if you reduce your pride and self-esteem, then life becomes easier. Of course, that such a proposal you do not immediately like. How should I consider myself beloved and haughty unworthy and bad? That's it because of this misconception about yourself and you will have a bad mood, and always.The higher you raise the bar of your superiority over others, the worse you will fall from a height down - this is the law, you cannot avoid falling.

In a word, you want to be always in a good mood - be simpler, do not exalt yourself over people, consider yourself worse than others, and do not follow others and their shortcomings. Watch your shortcomings and do not worry about what you have. They all have them, but you should know and see your faults better, because they are yours and you know everything about them. And most importantly - try to correct these shortcomings in yourself and fight with them. When you start to struggle with your internal problems, you will cease to notice the shortcomings of others and the world will seem better to you.

How can you consider yourself worse than many bad people?

Of course, a person will say that he cannot consider himself a bad and unworthy person if he is a talented artist, a winner of various supercompetitions, and besides, he knows that there are people who are bad and degraded. How did you suddenly start to think worse than them? This will not be true!

This is where the concept of a Christian worldview begins. The fact is that your talent was given to you by God, like your arms, legs, hair color.Therefore, it is impossible to consider the presence of talent as your merit, even if you say that you have polished and developed your abilities for years. Again God has given you the strength and opportunity for this, and thank Him for it, but it’s not worthy of me to put what you have been given. They will send you a disease for this imposture, and where your talent will go in a flash.

Homeless with a kitten

Of course, there are fallen people, drunks, and scumbags, which, it would seem, are much worse than you. But again you are wrong! Why on earth would you judge others? You do not know the plan of God, why he made a talented engineer a homeless? Maybe in this way this talent is lowered to the ground, which is useful to his soul, or they save the world from the invention that this engineer should have done, or give him tests. Your business is not to condemn, but to help a person improve. And if you cannot help a homeless or a drunkard mend, then this is your fault and sin.

Since you are not able to help a drunkard get rid of addiction, then you yourself can easily be the same. Since you do not have the strength to correct others, you also have no strength to correct yourself. Rejoice that you have not been sent such a test.Or maybe you were not given this test because you are weaker in soul than the same drunk who can find the strength to get rid of this sin? No wonder they say: the ways of the Lord are inscrutable.

Therefore, in vain you consider yourself a good person. In fact, you are a sinner just like a drunkard you judge. He is sinful because he drinks and you do not correct him. Only your sin is more than his. You have the strength and capabilities and do not do a good thing, but he does not have these forces. In addition, you condemn a drunkard, and condemnation is also a considerable sin. So it turns out that if you put your sins and drunks on the scales, then yours will outweigh.

Disabled person in the crowd

How to start correcting a drunkard? When you try to do this, nothing will come of it. And because you will begin to correct it from the position that you are righteous, but he is not, a sinner. Again in your head the old idea is sitting!

Here, it turns out, how not everything is simple. And you see, there is something to think about.

Repression of one irritation by another

Let us say figuratively that in your brain you have a center of unhappiness or grief, which is excited when thoughts and feelings that irritate him get into your head.This lack of money, hunger, insults, humiliation, bad memories, envy, etc. Of course, the less you have the stimuli of this center, the less likely it is to be excited. But they always are.

Also in the brain, or more precisely, in the inner world, so to speak correctly, you have another center, a center of happiness, which is also excited and gives you pleasant sensations. For his excitement, positive memories, satisfaction in accomplishing something, praise, love, and friendly feelings are needed.

The girl looks at the sea

Your task is to determine what causes negative emotions and feelings in you in order to get rid of these irritants of a bad mood. Revise your attitude to thoughts that cause you a bad mood.

In Christianity, this is called meditation, in Buddhism - meditation. But the meaning is mostly the same.

Your task, by thinking about a subject that causes a negative reaction in you, to reconsider your views on this subject, to translate a negative reaction to this object or feeling into a neutral or even positive one.

The difference, however, between Christianity and Buddhism, and other religions, is.Buddhists will teach you to get rid of the need in the subject you are thinking about. That is, to set up yourself that the girl you fell in love with and so worried about the fact that she does not love you, by and large, you don’t need at all, because her beauty is temporary, in five years it will disappear partially, and after a while the girl will grow stout . And then her face will become covered with wrinkles and the body will become decrepit. And why do you need it? And on such a girl you will spend your time and life?

This is a typical example of Buddhist meditation, the goal of which is to get rid of all your needs. And there will be no need - there will be no reason to be upset. Iron logic! You do not need anything, which means that you will have no bad mood at all.

It seems this idea is that if you have a headache, then you need to get rid of the head.

If you go back to your inner world or brain, or more precisely the heart, in which a hotbed of negative arousal has arisen, the Buddhists offer to put out this hotbed completely and make it disappear. Then there will be a balance, everything is calm and good.

Boat and calm sea

Christianity in its practices goes much further and behaves more effectively.

Not in pies happiness

Christians do not deny the opportunity to humble their lust, reduce appetite and sensual pleasures, because sensual pleasures do not bring true happiness. Today you are happy and ate one pie, and tomorrow you want more. Sensual pleasures need to be limited within yourself within reasonable limits, and then you will be happy with one pie per day, and you will have that amount of happiness - one pie per day. If you let yourself go and eat unlimited pies, soon you will not be happy with ten pies.

In general, a rational limitation is better, then there will be no greater happiness, but also unhappiness.

Yes, and Christians do not offer happiness to search in pies. Just stop being happy from all material wealth and do not develop your needs towards the improvement of the world and everything around you, but on the contrary, work on yourself, try to love everyone in the world without exception. Many people can not understand how this is possible. This is because people just can not understand this, have not tried to do this even once. People did not seek to penetrate into the teaching and apply it to themselves, to think in a Christian way. Such people just say: “I don’t understand this!”

In fact, Christians offer not only to extinguish the sources of bad mood in the brain, but also not to allow in the head thoughts of envy, malice, greed, hatred, which lead to bad mood. Christians propose to create in your soul, in your inner world, a source and hotbed of excitement of love and peace, grace, which in turn will not only block your evil thoughts and promptings, but also begin to act on others.

He who seeks happiness will find it!

Try everyone to smile, even when your mood is not very. You will see a striking effect, your mood will change to a good one, not to mention others. At first, when people see your smile, they will ask, what are you happy about? You answer that you remembered a pleasant meeting with a good man, with a girl. What's the difference! And keep smiling, and you can really, to make it easier for you to smile, to remember pleasant times and good people.

Girl in a good mood

Christians preach the love of God, which many, even Christians, cannot explain, and therefore they are perplexed: how can one love the one who you cannot even see ?!

In fact, you need to love is not abstract, but specifically: the world in which you live; what is around, all without exception, even enemies and spiteful critics.After all, how they seem ridiculous and naive, if one imagines them to be small and fat, buried in their small affairs and rushing as anxious, like ants in the forest. They do not see at all the huge sky, the stars, the dew at dawn, all that is great and incomprehensible by the human mind.

Look at the night starry sky and imagine the size of the universe. And now think about your problems, how insignificant they are compared to infinity! “It’s still necessary to solve problems,” practical people will say. Yes, it is necessary, since they exist, it is necessary to decide, but it is important what place to take away the problems in life, what should be considered the main thing: the starry sky or the repair of an apartment, for example?

If the repair is more important for you, you need to cook more tasty food, then a television series, and there is no time left to look at the sky (what to look at, these stars), then you are a miserable and confused person.

Immediately drop everything and immediately go and look at the sky, at least half an hour, and you will begin to understand everything.

Starry sky

One day, my friend did not pass the test in some subject and was very worried that now he would not be allowed to take the exam. I told him: “Raise your head and see how many stars and worlds are right above your head.”

We were sitting late at night on the bench, the starry sky above us.Millions of stars, large and small, completely invisible and bright. Near, more distant, even more distant, and there more and more ... Stars that go to such depths of space that it’s hard to imagine where they end? A huge space of stars in all directions and even under you! “Imagine yourself now,” I told him, “sitting in front of the teacher in one small audience, in a small box-building, standing among many of the same barely noticeable boxes, in a narrow layer of the earth’s atmosphere and passing the test for some for whom is not an important subject. Look at it from above, how important is it? You are on one small planet, in a small audience you did not pass the test, just something ... ”Comrade calmed down and for a long time looked at the endless sky.

Commandments of bliss

It turns out that in order to have a good mood always, you just need to be a Christian and keep the commandments of bliss. Observance of these commandments will provide an opportunity not to have evil thoughts that are destructive for your soul in your head.

The word "covenant" is translated as "contract" or "law." The commandments are the laws by which the soul lives, this is the inner world, in the essence of which is the main meaning of human life.

Just think: God created the world in one word. It's clear?

And you listen to yourself: before you start baking a pie or build a house, you say, not necessarily out loud, that you bake a pie, or build a house.

Then begins a romp with flour and brick, but in fact you made a cake with a word. At first they thought and designed, and this is important. You would not think about the cake - and there would be no cake. Even if in the process of cooking you are distracted, that is, the thoughts about the pie disappear in your head, you know that during this time the pie can burn.

People and dreams

It turns out that the entire material world is a reflection of the words and thoughts contained in the words. No thought - no pie. This means that the right thoughts generate the right "pies" and life into pleasure.

Want to have the right "pies" - think correctly, and want to have the right thoughts - follow the commandments of bliss - the laws, observing that when thinking in your head will not appear wrong thoughts, and hence the house, and the cakes will come out right and useful.

Try to guess why the spiritual life is a million times more important than the material one? Your thoughts and moods are the most important!

How do you determine what is bad and what is good? For a resident of a distant African tribe, the fang of a defeated leopard hanging on its neck is more important than any six hundredth Merc.

Your value system determines your life.

Your value system determines your life. The child rejoices to the tin soldier more than you are a significant amount of money earned by great labors.

Is not it easier to be a child and enjoy life, very little money more than the millions who bring so little pleasure! Pleasure and happiness does not depend at all on the material world, it is a spiritual category. And how stupid it is to build a house to be happy in it. The house has nothing to do with it. And the fact that you now have no happiness, does not mean that this comes from the fact that you do not have a home.

Woman shopping

If you rebuild your head, and do not build half a hectare with superepartments, then you will get happiness much faster and more truly, since the presence of a rich house brought few people happiness, but rather the opposite.

Man is such an imperfect being, which, like a butterfly into the world, flies on a feeling of goodness or happiness. His whole stupid life and efforts in this life are reduced, it turns out, to a sense of bliss. There, somewhere inside, in the soul, having received this feeling of bliss, man no longer needs anything.

You remember such states, when the whole world disappeared and nothing else you want, you feel good and that's it!

In order not to upset you greatly by the ordinariness of what you strive for all your life, you can remember that there is no end to happiness and bliss, this is a process and state at the same time, and therefore you should not get used to happiness and happiness.

When happiness comes, as you remember from the saying, time disappears. And what is the lack of time, the person himself can not yet fully imagine.

Try, of course, it may be possible to imagine that you exist at the same time as an infant, as an adult, and as an old person. All states are now, and not yesterday, and will not be later. Due to limited thinking, a person begins to divide himself into parts: this is me yesterday, and then I will be tomorrow. But when they say “Napoleon” to you, you do not divide it into parts, but for you it’s a single image. Although you understand that he lived in time, but time is not important to you, the image is important.

This is happiness. On the one hand, it flows and changes, but in general it is one state, which cannot be divided into periods and parts.

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  • Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood

    Grace or what laws change our mood