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TV shows that will interest men

October 13, 2018

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, brutal and serious men also sometimes sin by watching TV shows. Of course, they are unlikely to be attracted by snotty melodramatic plots stretched over four hundred episodes. But acute crime dramas or postapocalyptic thrillers - the most it! We have collected for you the top 10 best foreign TV shows, which are very popular with a strong half ...

Monsters to the movies

October 12, 2018

Creating monsters in the movie - is not an easy thing and requires the participation of many experts, such as make-up artists, specialists in animatronics and computer special effects. Actors have to spend hours in the dressing room, often motionless, until they become completely transformed into a monster. Take a look at the set of famous films. Many films are old, so the photos are not ...

Alternative movie endings

October 8, 2018

Try to imagine how Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone in the eponymous film, at the end takes a bribe from the mafia and decides to open a pet store for this money.The perfect ending can lead to great success or failure of the film. This is why scriptwriters and filmmakers often work on several different options before accepting the final ...

Beautiful erotic films

September 10, 2018

Everyone has different ideas about erotica: for some, these are naked bodies and sex, for others - views and touches. Nevertheless, speaking of the best erotic cinema, people's opinions converge. In this list you will find the best quality, hot and touching films about passion. Love / Love (2015) Rating at Kinopoisk - ...

Actors who died during filming

September 10, 2018

The death of a favorite actor is always a surprise, shock and tragedy. Once we open a page of a newspaper or magazine, click on the news link — these are sad headlines that tell about the passing of a great person. Can you imagine a situation where an actor literally gives his life for the sake of his beloved work? That is the director, the scriptwriters and all ...

The network got rare photos from the filming of the movie "Star Wars. Episode IV: New Hope", shot on Polaroid

August 29, 2018

Star Wars is a cult saga that has been stirring the hearts of its fans since 1977, when the first tape was shown (but this was the fourth episode entitled “New Hope”).The film was filmed in 1976, when there was a peak in the use of Polaroid instant photo cameras using photographs - then a number of them were made ...

Script Errors

August 13, 2018

Films allow us to briefly escape from reality and plunge into the world of fantasy, space and futurism. Many of the unreal things that we see in the films can be explained by their laws of the genre and their kinovelennoy, which is different from ours. However, even the most interesting and exciting films do not find immunity against plot holes, because of which ...

Behind the Scenes of Cult Movies

August 1, 2018

Unique photos from the set of cult films - “Back to the Future”, “The Shining”, “The Alien”, “The Terminator”, “The Matrix”, “Avatar”, etc. Some of the pictures take us back to the past when the production of the film was a very complicated , and the special effects were purely mechanical. "Lord of the Rings". In the frame director Peter Jackson and actor Ian McKellen: "Robot-cop": "Superman." Flying on ropes: ...

62 years ago published the Fellowship of the Ring

July 30, 2018

62 years ago, on this day (or rather yesterday), the Brotherhood of the Ring was published - the first book in the Lord of the Rings series.I don't remember exactly, but I probably read The Lord of the Rings after the first part of the trilogy was released. And then I read the Hobbit. In general, the opposite is true. A film seemed to many, and yes ...

Film business and popcorn

July 16, 2018

Everyone already knows that popcorn has long become an integral part of the global film industry: its sales allow distributors to keep low ticket prices. Let's see how the market works, based on the symbiosis of films and snacks. The American film industry has experienced a difficult year in its history: box office rentals in the US and Canada fell ...

Interesting facts about famous movies

July 12, 2018

Behind the scenes of each film, especially the very famous, you can find a lot of interesting and even shocking facts and stories. Every actor has a lot of extraordinary stories about himself or the crew. Here you will learn some of the most interesting facts and stories that will please and surprise even those people who are not particularly keen on cinema ....

Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks on the set of the film “Forrest Gump”, 1993, Savannah, Georgia

July 8, 2018

In the film, there is an episode where Forrest Gampa, after his successes in “ping-pong diplomacy,” was invited to the then-popular Dick Cavetta television show in the USA.In the show on the couch, next to the bewildered Forrest, was John Lennon, and this was not a make-up actor, but a truly famous singer in the flesh. Despite the fact that…

Stunt robots will perform tricks too dangerous for humans.

July 3, 2018

Specialists from Disney, specializing in the field of robotics, are already well known for their interesting work, designed primarily to “revitalize” the company's theme parks. However, this is not the only activity of the company; not so long ago, experts at the Disney Imagineering R & D department created and demonstrated a robot stuntman who can perform tricks that are too dangerous or even ...

Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan. Sydney, 1973

June 13, 2018

Paul Hogan in Sydney Harbor Breed. Before the Golden Globe for the best male role in the movie "Crocodile Dundee" another 14 years ... Paul Hogan was born on October 8, 1939 in the town of Lightning-Ridge, located in the state of New South Wales. Before Paul got into the world of cinema and show business, he managed to master a huge number of workers ...

Felix Yusupov, one of the participants in the murder of Rasputin, together with his wife Irina, 1934, London

May 27, 2018

The photo was taken during the trial of the Yusupov lawsuit against the MGM film studio in the High Court of London. In 1932, the film "Rasputin and the Empress" was released, stating that the wife of Prince Yusupov was Rasputin's mistress. In 1933, a lawsuit was filed in a London court against the Metro-Golden-Meier film company for the dissemination of untrue defamatory ones ...

10 nightmares that occurred during the filming of horror films

April 22, 2018

Horror movies are always popular, because so many people want to tickle their nerves. Although there are a lot of new horror films in cinemas, many fans of the genre prefer to revise the classics. But, regardless of whether you watch these films for the sake of thrill or out of nostalgia, you are always sure that all the nightmares that you ...

Curious facts about the movie "Boomer"

April 12, 2018

Beginners director and screenwriter Peter Buslov and Denis Rodimin wrote the script for the cult film “Boomer” for three weeks. The creators of the film tried to show the history of ordinary guys who became hostages of the situation and turned out to be bandits. In addition, the film says that you have to pay for everything in our life.Next, a few curious ...

Screening of young Natalie Portman and the alternative ending of the film "Leon"

March 22, 2018

Did you know that the legendary film by Luke Besson, which became the debut for the young actress, was much tougher and more provocative in the original? Yes, and the 12-year-old Natalie Portman herself was incredibly close to not having to pass the screen tests, which, by the way, run down the goosebumps. The film blogger Vitaly Dubogrey, aka dubikvit, opens ...

10 inspirational series for women who need something urgent to change in life

March 12, 2018

In 2017, 24 percent of Hollywood films were starring women. In 2009, for comparison, there were only 15 percent. Maybe this is not much in percentage terms, but the positive trend is evident. Released in 2017, the superhero film "Wonder Woman" was filmed by a female director and mainly focused on ...

As from Gary Oldman did Churchill

March 6, 2018

By the way, no wonder I suffered! Just became aware that for this role the actor won an Oscar. Congratulations! And now to the note itself. Under the cut, the process of imposing a special “make-up” on Oldman, thanks to which he turns into almost true Churchill, in exactly this form he appeared in the film “Dark Times”. For 48 film crews ...

Interesting facts about the "service romance"

March 5, 2018

40 years ago, Eldar Ryazanov’s beloved comedy “Office Romance” came out on the screens of the country. In the first months of hire, 58 million people managed to watch the movie, and the sparkling quotations of the characters in the picture immediately turned into winged phrases, which are still widely used by representatives of very different generations. In honor of the anniversary, we have collected ...

22 facts about the Oscar ceremony

March 2, 2018

The 90th Oscar awards ceremony for merits in the field of cinema for 2017 will be held on Sunday, March 4th. Even those who are not interested in cinema and are far from all this fuss are surely in the know who are the favorites this year and who have all the chances to get the treasured figurine. TO…

The legendary film Solovyov "Assa" 30 years

February 14, 2018

The premiere of the cult film of film director Sergei Solovyov "Assa" was held in Moscow DC MELZ April 1, 1988. This criminal detective melodrama clip, filled with rock music, became the manifesto of Soviet non-formals: the film was called the most accurate document of the mood of the times, full of foreboding and hopes.The meaning of the name, which has become a password for a whole generation, still cannot explain and ...

Unplayed role of Vladimir Vysotsky

February 13, 2018

Often, when you find out that another artist could have played one famous role or another, you immediately realize that she’s not - that would have been completely different! What is the rejection and the inability to abandon the already beloved image. Now for the first time I found out what roles Vysotsky could play. I caught myself thinking that all the roles ...

What is left behind the shot of "White Sun of the Desert"

February 9, 2018

This film has long become a classic of Soviet cinema, although its shooting was accompanied by great difficulties, the director was accused of incompetence, and the audience could not even see their favorite characters on the screens. Few know that the “White Sun of the Desert” originally had not only a different name, but also a different ending, and the cut out ...

Choi performs the song "Legend" in the movie "City" (shots not included in the film)

February 8, 2018

The film “The City” was shot by director Alexander Burtsev in 1990. From the description of this movie on YouTube: The film is dedicated to Alexander Bashlachev. Arriving in Leningrad to enter the Academy of Arts, Volodya meets Alevtina, who has already entered the bohemian environment.Energetic and more immediate than he, she takes patronage over Vladimir, equipping his life ....

How to shoot "The venue can not be changed"

January 30, 2018

The story of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” begins, as you all know very well, with the book of the Weiner brothers “The era of mercy”. Arkady Weiner said that they presented one of the copies of the book to Vladimir Vysotsky. And the very next morning he came to them with the idea of ​​shooting a series film based on a book in which exactly ...

"Cards, money, two trunks". How did the actors of the film for 20 years

January 26, 2018

"Cards, money, two trunks". Cult movie. The first feature film Guy Ritchie. The first film of Jason Statham and Winnie Jones. The film is a symbiosis of excellent acting and directing work, classy plot, sparkling humor and chic ending. The film, whose original name is impossible to translate into Russian, is a play on words, based on two idioms at once. AT…

Legendary Soviet films that were released thanks to Brezhnev

January 18, 2018

Many films from the golden fund of Soviet cinema were released only because they really liked Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, a passionate film fan.The general secretary to the dacha was often brought new items of world and domestic cinema, and Brezhnev was much more far-sighted and more liberal than his subordinates, ready to put a film on the shelf for the slightest mistake and discrepancy ....

Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz with doubles on the set of "Masks", 1994, USA

January 17, 2018

The bright yellow costume (hat and visiting card) that the hero Jim Carrey is wearing was prepared by dressers at the request of the actor. So Jim wanted to pay homage to his mother, who sewed a similar costume for him for the first movie tests. “Mask” - became the first film in the career for aspiring actress Cameron Diaz.

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