Choosing the best e-wallet

Olga Nagornyuk

Choosing the best e-wallet

The development of online commerce and online payment services has led to a sharp increase in payments using electronic money. What is a virtual currency and can it become real? Which payment system is the best and is it worth refusing from her bank cards? Answers - in our article.


What is electronic money?


Electronic money is not, as such, money per se, since it exists exclusively in the virtual space and is issued by the payment system, and not issued by an authorized state bank.

To make it easier to understand, let’s compare e-currency with securities that are exchanged for real money at the time of cashing. Virtual currency is conditionally equal to real. This is done for the convenience of users of payment systems. For example, 1 webmoney (WMZ) corresponds to 1 ruble. But each electronic system has its own pricing, so 1 WMZ ≠ 1 Qiwi.


Today, it is possible to pay with electronic money for housing and communal services, cable and satellite television, mobile communications, the Internet (including hosting), pay fines for violating traffic rules, shopping in online stores, purchasing railway and air tickets and even making transfers to credit repayment account.


Bank card and e-wallet: which is better?


Payment systems with bank cards and electronic money are difficult to compare: each has its own specifics and scope.


The advantages of electronic payment systems include:

  • the speed of creating a wallet. On average, this takes no more than 5 minutes, without having to go to the bank, fill out a questionnaire, open an account and receive a card. The entire process of processing a virtual wallet is carried out at home using a telephone and a computer connected to the Internet;
  • the ability to make financial transactions anonymously. When creating an electronic wallet, it is enough to specify the fictitious data, and then it will be extremely difficult to find out on whose behalf payment was made or who received the transfer.

True, there is one nuance: registering anonymously, you will not be able to cash money. To get hard earned on hands, they need to be transferred from an electronic wallet to a bank card (account), and under the law this can be done only when both the wallet and the bank account are issued for the same person.


Another disadvantage of anonymity is the limit on the amount of financial transactions. Each payment system has its own, so read the user agreement carefully before entering the fictitious data;

  • efficiency of calculations. Money transfer is carried out almost instantly. There are situations when speed is everything;
  • convenience when calculating during shopping in foreign online stores. It is enough to have a wallet in the currency of the country in which you are making a purchase.

In the case of electronic money has not been without a fly in the ointment. The disadvantages of virtual currency we include:

  • the fact that some online payment services prohibit commercial payments. For example, Yandex.Money will not allow you to purchase parts for your own auto service or pay for consulting services of a consulting company,who assisted your emergency in drawing up a business plan;
  • the inability to return the money mistakenly transferred. When you deal with a bank account (card), you have a chance to return funds transferred to the wrong recipient. A similar procedure is provided for by law. Yes, it requires your personal presence in the bank and takes a lot of time, but you still get the money back. But in the case of electronic payment systems, - alas;
  • weak protection against fraudsters. With a certain level of skill and desire, any programmer can hack your electronic wallet. Therefore, users of electronic payment systems prefer not to keep large sums in their wallets or to transfer them there immediately before payment;
  • for part of the transaction you have to pay. The amount of commission for all payment systems is different - from 0.5% to 5% and depends on the type of transfers;
  • transfer of money from the purse of one payment system to the purse of another (say, from WebMoney to Qiwi) is excluded, whereas with bank cards this is quite possible, the question is only in the amount of the commission.

How to choose an electronic payment system?


Starting with the monetization of TouTube or affiliate programs, you inevitably face the need to create an electronic wallet. And then the question arises before you: which online payment system should you prefer?

1. Consider the scope of electronic money of this payment system. Otherwise, it turns out that you have created a wallet for payment of utility bills, and the online payment system you choose with public utilities does not work.


Look for the list of goods and services for which you can pay by electronic currency on the resources of electronic payment systems.


2. Examine possible ways to fund your account. In addition to transferring funds from bank cards (accounts), you can make money in e-wallets in cash through money transfer systems (Unistream, Western Union), terminals, and bank branches. Choose a method convenient for you and you will understand which payment system you need.


3. Find out what commissions and at which transactions the payment system charges, compare with other services, and choose the most profitable option. Be sure to ask how much they will charge you when withdrawing funds and when transferring money from one wallet to another.


According to statistics, the most popular resource in Russia today is Yandex. Money, in Ukraine - WebMoney. Using their example, we will show how to create your e-wallet and withdraw money from it.


How to create a WebMoney wallet and withdraw money


Founded in 1998, WebMoney, an international online payment service, belongs to multicurrency systems and allows you to create dollar, hryvnia, ruble wallets, etc. Unlike Yandex.Money, WebMoney will not mind if you use its resources in your business.


To create a WebMoney wallet, you must ...


1. Go to the company's website, find the "Registration" button in the upper right corner and click it.


2. On the page that opens after this, you will be prompted to enter a phone number in international format. After entering click "Continue".

3. Fill out the proposed form. You can specify fictional data, but then you can not avoid problems with the withdrawal of money. Therefore, we advise you to write truthful information.

4. On the next page you will have the opportunity to verify the correctness of data entry. If the information is correct, click Continue.

5. After that, an e-mail should be sent to your e-mail, where you will be offered to follow the link in order to proceed with registration.

6You will receive SMS with the code that you need to enter on the next page that opens.

7. Next, you will have to come up with and enter a password, confirming that it sent the captcha (check numbers, at the bottom of the page). Account created.

8. On the next page, the site will offer you to create an e-wallet.

Conventionally, they are designated as:

WMZ - Dollar

WMR - ruble

WMU - hryvnia

WME - Euro


Before you create a wallet in your national currency, you have to make a dollar one. In the left menu, select "WMZ", read the user agreement, put a tick, meaning your agreement with it, and click the "Create" button.

9. Now we need to get a formal certificate. Click the link "Passport", and then "Continue."

10. Fill in your passport information and click "Next."

11. Enter the TIN and again "Next."

12. Verification of the correctness of your personal data entering will take 10-15 minutes, after which you can start creating a purse of your national currency. Why go back to the site and in the upper right corner click "Login".

13. Fill out the form (password, login, captcha) and click "Login".

14. On the next page, click on the active link “Create” and repeat all the actions, like when registering a dollar purse, just choose your currency.

Ways to withdraw money from WebMoney:


one.By money transfer through one of the services of exchangers (you can find their list on, where you will also see the size of their commission), but also get ready to pay for the services of the company that will make the transfer:


Ukraine Russia

Ukrpochta - 4.5%

Western Union - 13%

Unistream - 23%

Leader - 1.5%


As a result, the amount will decrease by 5-23%.


2. To your account in any bank through exchangers. At the same time, subtract the commission of the intermediary and the bank from its amount. Losses will be 5-10%.


3. On the bank card, but it should be tied to your wallet. In Ukraine, this service is provided by Pravex-Bank, in Russia - Otkritie Bank. Count on losses within 5%.


4. The most profitable way is through people who need webmoney. Search for them on the forums or through a search engine by entering the phrase “buy webmoney”. Usually the exchange is made in a 1: 1 ratio, but it is extremely difficult to find those who want to, and the likelihood of stumbling upon a fraudster is quite large. It is better to deal with familiar people - this is the only guarantee of fair exchange.


How to create a Yandex.Money wallet and withdraw money


To create a Yandex.Money wallet, you need ...


1. Go to and click on the "Create Wallet" button.

2. Enter the phone and click "Continue."

3Type in your code the code that came to you in the SMS, your e-mail, confirm that you accept the terms of the user agreement and click "Open wallet".

4. On the next page choose “Acceptance of payments”.

5. Next, decide for what purpose you need a wallet.

6. Pass identification: click on "Useful links".

7. On the next page, find the status “Named” and click “Get status”.

8. The next step is getting a certificate. Enter your personal data in the form that appears on the screen and click on "Save data". Wallet created!

Ways to withdraw money from Yandex.Moneysame as with WebMoney, except for one:

  • Yandex.Money offers its own Master Card payment system, the issuer of which is Tinkoff Bank. You can buy it by making a request for Yandex.Money and treat it like a regular bank card, paying for purchases and withdrawing funds.

Spend with pleasure, and we will tell you how to make a million.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

    Choosing the best e-wallet

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