17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

At first glance, these photographs may seem ordinary and harmless, but behind each of them are scary events - from accidents to especially cruel murders and cannibalism.


1. This photo is not unusual until you notice the gnawed human ridge in the lower right corner.

The heroes of the picture are the players of the Uruguayan Old Cristians rugby team, who survived the crash on October 13, 1972: their plane crashed in the Andes. Of the 40 passengers and five crew members, 12 people died in the crash or shortly thereafter; five more died the next morning.

The search operations were stopped on the eighth day, and the survivors had to fight for life for more than two months. Stocks of food quickly ran out, and they had to eat frozen corpses of friends.

So without waiting for help, some of the victims made a dangerous and long transition through the mountains, which turned out to be successful. 16 men escaped.

2In 2012, Mexican music star Jenny Rivera died in a plane crash. Selfies with friends on the plane made a few minutes before the tragedy.

As a result of the crash, no one survived.

3. In August 1975, an American, Mary McQuilken, in bad weather photographed two brothers: Michael and Sean. They were at the top of a cliff in California's Sequoia National Park.

A second after the picture was taken, lightning struck all three. Only 18-year-old Michael was able to survive. In this photo - the sister of young men Mary.

The atmospheric discharge was so powerful and close that the hair of young people literally stood on end. The survivor Michael is a computer engineer and still receives letters asking what happened that day.

4. This shot of 14-year-old Regina Walters serial killer Robert Ben Rhodes made a few seconds before he killed her. Maniac led Regina into an abandoned barn, she cut her hair and made her put on a black dress and shoes.

Rhodes traveled to the United States on a huge trailer equipped with a torture chamber. His victims were at least three people per month.

The body of Walters was found in the barn, which should have been burned.

5. In April 1999, high school students from the American school "Columbine" posed for a general picture.

For general gaiety hardly anyone drew attention to two guys, depicting that they were sending a rifle and a pistol into the camera.

A few days later these guys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, appeared in Columbine with weapons and improvised explosives. Thirteen disciples became their victims, and 23 were injured.

The crime was carefully planned. The perpetrators were not detained because they shot themselves. Later it became known that teenagers were outsiders at school, and what happened was a cruel act of revenge.

6. In November 1985, an eruption of the Ruiz volcano occurred in Colombia, causing mudflows in the province of Armero.

13-year-old Omaira Sanchez became a victim of tragedy: her body was stuck in the rubble of the building, and the girl stood for three days in the mud. Her face was swollen, her hands were almost white, and her eyes were bloodshot.

Rescuers tried to rescue the girl in different ways, but in vain.

Three days later, Omaira fell into agony, stopped reacting to people and eventually died.

7. It would seem that there is nothing strange in the picture of the Victorian era, in which the father and mother are sealed.True, the girl turned out in the picture is very clear, and her parents - blurred. We have before us one of the most popular posthumous photographs of those days: the girl captured on her had just recently died of typhus.

The corpse remained motionless in front of the lens, and therefore it appeared clearly: in those days, photographs were taken with a long exposure, and it took a long time to pose. It is possible, therefore, that postmortem photos, that is, posthumous ones, have become incredibly fashionable. The heroine of this picture is also already dead.

8. The woman in this photo died in childbirth. In the photo shops to fix the corpses, special devices were installed, and the eyes of the dead were opened and a special remedy was buried in them so that the mucous did not dry out and the eyes did not grow turbid.

9. It would seem that the usual photo of three divers. But why is one of them lying on the bottom?

Tina Watson, 26, died during her honeymoon, October 22, 2003, and divers accidentally discovered her body. After the wedding, the girl and her husband, Gabe, went to Australia, where they decided to go diving.

According to the photographer who accompanied the couple, a man turned off the oxygen cylinder of the young wife under water and kept her at the bottom until she suffocated.When it turned out that shortly before the tragedy, Watson’s wife issued a new life insurance policy and in the event of her death Gabe would have received a considerable amount, everyone began to suspect him of premeditated murder. After serving a year and a half in prison, he returned to Alabama and again went to court, but the case was closed due to lack of evidence. Watson later remarried.

10. Looking closely, you can see that in front of this thoughtful African there are severed children's feet and hands. Picture taken in 1904.

The photo shows a Congolese worker in a rubber plantation who was unable to work out a standard. As a punishment, the supervisors ate his five-year-old daughter, giving him the remains of a child for the edification. Similar practiced quite often.

For failure to comply with the norms relied on execution. To prove that the cartridge was used for its intended purpose, and was not sold, it was required to provide a severed hand of the executed person, and punitives received a reward for each execution. The desire to rise in the service led to the fact that the brush cut off everyone, including children. Those who pretended to be dead could stay alive.

11. At first glance it looks like a picture with Halloween.Two Swedish schoolchildren also thought the same on October 22, 2015, when 21-year-old Anton Lundin Peterson came to his school in Trollhättan in this form: they took what was going on as a joke and happily took pictures with a stranger in a strange outfit.

Peterson slaughtered these young men and went for the next victims. As a result, he killed one teacher and four children. The police opened fire on him and he died from injuries in the hospital. The incident was the most deadly armed attack on an educational institution in the history of Sweden.

12. The Americans Sailor Gilliams and Brendan Vega together went on a campaign in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, but lost due to inexperience. There was no connection, but because of the heat and lack of water, the girl was completely exhausted. Leaving for help, Brendan fell off a cliff and crashed.

And these photos were made by a group of experienced tourists. Already returning home, they were horrified to see in the background a red-haired girl lying unconscious on the ground. Rescuers in a helicopter went to the place of the tragedy, and Sailor survived.

13. It would seem that the older boy leads the youngest by the hand is not unusual, but there is a terrible tragedy behind this picture.

10-year-olds John Venebls and Robert Thompson took away two-year-old James Bulger from the mall, which his mother briefly left unattended, brutally beaten, painted her face and left to die on the train tracks to disguise the murder of an accident from a train.

Killers found thanks to video from a surveillance camera. The criminals received the maximum term for their age - 10 years, which extremely outraged the public and the mother of the victim. Moreover, in 2001 they were released and received documents in new names.

In 2010, it became known that John Venebls was returned to prison because of a violation of the conditions of early release.

Wenebls was later charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. The police found 57 corresponding images on his computer. Hoping to get another child pornography, Venebls on the Internet was posing as a 35-year-old married woman who boasted violence against her eight-year-old daughter.

14. It seems that this is an ordinary New Year's family photo, until you look at the background.

The picture was taken by the Philippine adviser Reinaldo Dags.The killer decided to take revenge on him for having assisted in his arrest for stealing a car.

That photo helped to quickly identify the killer and again send him to jail.

15. The Chinese reporter captured the fog on the Yangtze River and only after a detailed study of the photo did he find a man falling from a bridge on it. As it turned out, after a few seconds, his girlfriend jumped behind him.

16. A camera with this image was found in the washing machine of 27-year-old Travis Alexander. He was killed in the shower by causing 25 knife wounds, including to the neck, and a shot to the head.

The incident blamed his girlfriend Jodi Arias, with whom he was going to break up, but she pursued him and literally did not allow passage. After two years of investigation, Arias confessed to the crime.

In the other pictures found at the crime scene, the couple was captured in sexual positions, and Travis in the shower was shot at 17:29 on the day of the murder. In the photographs, taken just minutes later, Alexander was already lying in blood on the floor.

17. Father and daughter posing for photos do not know that in the red Vauxhall Cavalier car behind them is an explosive that will detonate in a few seconds.

In August 1998, this attack was carried out by an illegal organization of the Genuine Irish Republican Army. 29 people died, more than 220 were injured. The camera with the first picture was found under the rubble, and its heroes miraculously survived.

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  • 17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories

    17 photos that hide inhumanly terrible stories